Lucy Harlowe
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Introducing Lucy Harlowe.

While I’m not quite bold enough to call myself a muse, others have certainly called me one in the past. If I’m honest with both you and myself, I’m really just an enthusiastic, adventurous woman with interests that often lead to parts unknown. Genuine discourse paired with a truly authentic connection really gets me going. Trust me, if there’s ever any hesitation on your part, I’ll be ready with an easy smile and humor that can break through the thickest of ice.

Born and raised on the West Coast, I’ve got the shimmer of a quintessentially California Girl. A body both soft and toned, bright green eyes, and full smiling lips all let you know that I’m as serious about self-care as I am about having a great time together. I love to live adventurously, and when I’m not planning my next travel excursion, you’re likely to find me hiking, snowboarding, scuba diving or playing with my pup at the park.

I carry a torch for the thrill of discovery while craving the comfort of familiarity. You’ll find me warm, always welcoming, and eager to understand you. Whether we’re exploring a new city together for the first time or rediscovering our passion for each other the tenth, I’m of the belief that our experiences together should always leave us both craving just a little bit more.

Curious about meeting?


Are you the type who likes to fully understand what they’re getting into before jumping in with both feet? I can certainly understand why, and appreciate your want to know me better before meeting.

Let me help you. Want to know if we’ll have a time to remember? Here’s what I look for in a potential match.

Are you successful and understand that with great success comes an even greater need to keep your life in balance?

Are you adventurous, both in mind and spirit, and looking for a companion who can help broaden your horizons?

Do beautiful, intelligent women inspire you, rather than intimidate you?

Hopefully, if you’ve made it this far, you’ve answered most of those questions affirmatively. I do understand the need to do one’s due diligence, so please do take your time in getting to know me. Read all you can here and follow me on social media.

I’ll be here when you’re ready to embark on a new adventure together.

Until then,


True Bliss Knows No Bounds.

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