Lucy Harlowe


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I love a man who knows how to conduct himself as a gentlemen under the right circumstances.  I am passionate about spending time with you, and like to reserve  playtime for when we are in private and alone together.  Prior to that my biggest turn on is when a man can engage me in intelligent and sophisticated conversation and conduct himself as such.


All new clients are required to be verified prior to scheduling. Advance scheduling is required for this process as it can take 24-48 hours.


There is no negotiation of my patronage. I accept cash only.  Please never discuss my gift and set it down within a few minutes of arriving. Again , please be discreet when presenting the donation. 

If we are in Private : please place it in the bathroom. I may excuse myself to the restroom to freshen up so I may collect it discreetly. Please do not make me ask for it, as your appointment will not begin until I have been compensated. You may put it in an unsealed envelope with a thank you card. 

If we are in Public: Please make sure the donation is in an unsealed envelope inside a thank you card or in a gift bag in an envelop accompanied by a small token of affection and should be presented within 5 minutes of us meeting. 

All contact is via email only. At no time during the screening or are tine together will there be lewd talking, vulgarity, or lewd references to explicit acts , no mention of acronyms that suggest lewd or explicit acts . 


I go out of my way to insure that I am beautifully presented and clean. Nothing is more sexy than a well groomed man, please insure that you are clean and smell good , or be prepared to take a shower and freshen up upon arrival. 


Please be respectful of my time as I have set aside specifically for you. If you are going to be late please email, text, or call.  Be mindful of your time and or travel as a late arrival does not extend your time past what we have scheduled. Please do not overstay. If you are running late and I do not hear from you for 20 minutes of our scheduled time you will be marked as a cancellation and the cancellation fees will apply. 


 I understand that life can interrupt with our plans. Should you need to reschedule our date, I'm happy to accommodate you within reason. Should you cancel any time within 48 hours of the day of your appointment, you will be required to pay a 50% cancellation fee. If you cancel within 24 hours of the day of your appointment, you will be required to pay 100% cancellation fee . If you cancel twice in a row I will no longer accept requests from you. 


 Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

A: Cash only, however for appt of 4 or more hours I do require a 25% deposit and that can be made by Paypal

Q: What if I wish to extend my time with you?

A: If we are having a wonderful time and wish to extend it, please prepare  for that by having the additional donation with you.. The best bet is to book it in advance and I will guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Q: Do you travel for appointments? 

A: I have an additional fee for outcall appointments within 30 miles. Clients have booked me out of state to travel to them and those arrangements need to be booked in advanced and include a deposit plus the cost of flight and room. Ask me about my special rates for extended dates in tropical or ski resort locations.

A: My safety and comfort as well as the safety and comfort of all my friends is my number one priority. This is why I require the information requested on my secure booking form. All info given is kept private and confidential and strictly used for the purpose of verification

Q: Do I have to screen? Is my information kept confidential?

A: Yes, If I have the desired outfit in my closet, please make the request at the time of the advanced booking, If there is something specific you would like to see me in, I am happy to give you my sizes for you to make the purchase.

Q: May I make clothing requests?

A: Presents? I Love presents. The greatest gift you can give me is our encounter. But I do have clients that will spoil me from time to time.  I’m happy to give you my sizes or ideas for gifts.

Q: Do you accept gifts? 

A: Please be showered, clean, smelling fresh, well groomed and trimmed, so it does not interfere with our time together. 

As I have stated before please have my consideration in plain sight in an envelope or a gift bag accompanied by a thank you note or card 

Please, at no time during the screening or conversation, will there be any lewd, talking, vulgarity or references to sexual acts , as that would cause me to end our time together or conversation we are having.

Q: What should I do to prepare for our time together?